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Smoothie Recipe
A quick, easy and delicious recipe that includes herbs such as Maca, Liver and Immune Enhancer, Milk Thistle, Flax Seed and more!

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Our Mission

At SW Herb, our mission is to help people realize that they have choices when it comes to their health and the health of their families, by using the highest quality medicinal herbs you can achieve optimal results naturally.

About The Herbalist

Kathleen Gould, Herbalist RH (AHG) has studied, taught and lived herbalism for 25 years. She is a professional member of the esteemed American Herbalist Guild and has studied herbalism throughout the U.S. with internationally known herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, Tieroana Lowdog MD, James Duke Ph.D., Michael Tierra, David Hoffman, Patch Adams and Susun Weed.

She is the former owner of both the Herb Corner and Learning Center and The Southeastern Center for Herbal Studies in Florida. Kathleen is currently proprietor of SW Herb in Arizona, where she conducts private herbal consultations and teaches an Herbal Certification Course on the selection of appropriate herbs to address conditions of the organ systems. The course includes preparation of appropriate teas, tinctures, syrups and salves. This course will soon be available from our website as a internet correspondence course.

She has lectured at holistic, alternative and health organizations, environmental groups, herbal symposiums including Calloway Gardens Herbs Days in Georgia and in Florida at Lew Garden's annual herbal conference.

Kathleen has been interviewed by Prevention Magazine/Rodale Press books, The Book of Healing Herbs – Secrets from 90 Top Herbal Healers by Sari Harrar & Sara Altshul O’Donnell, Herbs That Heal-Natural Medicine at Its Best by Arden Moore, Bridget Doherty, and Florida Today Newspaper. She has been published in noted herbal journals and a number of Florida publications.

Kathleen was raised in California, then life and work moved her to the East Coast, where she lived in a number of places from Connecticut to Florida for the past 30 years. No matter where she moved, the desert Southwest kept calling to her. In 2005 she finally followed that calling, and now happily lives just outside the Phoenix area.

In her continuing passion of herbal healing, she started SW Herb.

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