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Smoothie Recipe
A quick, easy and delicious recipe that includes herbs such as Maca, Liver and Immune Enhancer, Milk Thistle, Flax Seed and more!

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Herbal Products Available in the New SW Herb Online Store
Capsules - Herbal Blends
Capsules - Individual Herbs
Herbal Extracts - Herbal Blends
Herbal Extracts - Individual Herbs
SW Herb Teas - Premade
SW Herb Teas - Blends
Herbal Kits not yet available online - contact us to purchase.

Bulk Herbs - click here to visit our online store!
All our herbs are either wildcrafted or organically grown, and ethically harvested.
We strive to purchase sustainable herbs, wherever possible.
When ordering 1 lb., there has already been a 30% discount applied to your price.

Bulk Herbs - A-D
At SW Herb, we've done the research to provide you the best quality dried herbs. If you don't see an herb listed, please call us.

Product Image Item Name
Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal

• $3.30 per ounce
Alfalfa Leaf

Alfalfa Leaf (Medicago sativa)

• $2.49 per ounce
Alkanet Root

Alkanet Root (Alkanna tinctoria)

• $2.71 per ounce • NOTE: Not recommended for internal use.

Allspice (Pimento dioica)

• $2.82 per ounce
Allspice Ground

Allspice Ground (Pimento dioica)

• $2.82 per ounce
Angelica Root

Angelica Root (Angelica archangelica)

• $3.30 per ounce
Anise Star, Whole

Anise Star, Whole (Illicium verum)

• $1.59 per ounce

Arnica (Arnica montana)

• $6.89 per ounce • NOTE: EXTERNAL USE ONLY.
Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot Powder (Maranta arundinacea)

• $0.69 per ounce

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

• $2.96 per ounce
Astragalus Root

Astragalus Root (Astragalus membranaceus)

• $2.76 per ounce

Bacopa (Bacopa monniera)

• $2.28 per ounce
Barberry Root Bark

Barberry Root Bark (Berberis vulgaris)

• $2.56 per ounce
Barley Grass Powder

Barley Grass Powder (Hordeum vulgare)

• $2.56 per ounce
Basil Leaf

Basil Leaf (Ocimum basilicum)

• $1.24 per ounce
Bay Leaves, Whole

Bay Leaves, Whole (Klaurus nobilis)

• $1.98 per ounce

Bayberry (Myrica cerifera)

• $4.68 per ounce • NOTE: Avoid during pregnancy.

Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus)

• $4.98 per ounce
Bilberry Leaf

Bilberry Leaf (Vaccinium myrtilli)

• $3.03 per ounce
Black Cohosh Root

Black Cohosh Root (Cimicifuga racemosa)

• $4.56 per ounce • NOTE: Large doses may cause headaches. Do not use while pregnant or nursing.
Black Haw Bark

Black Haw Bark (Viburnum prunifolium)

• $1.78 per ounce • NOTE: Do not use if you have liver and/or kidney problems.
Black Walnut Hull Leaf

Black Walnut Hull Leaf (Juglans nigra)

• $2.98 per ounce
Black Walnut Hull Powder

Black Walnut Hull Powder (Juglans nigra)

• $2.98 per ounce

Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus)

• $1.44 per ounce
Blessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle (Cnicum benedictus)

• $2.39 per ounce • NOTE: Do not use if you are pregnant.

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)

• $7.92 per ounce
Bloodroot Powder

Bloodroot Powder (Sanguinaria canadensis)

• $6.92 per ounce
Blue Cohosh

Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides)

• $4.08 per ounce • NOTE: Do not use during the first 2 trimesters of pregnancy.
Blue Vervain

Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata)

• $1.69 per ounce
Boldo Leaf

Boldo Leaf (Peumus boldus)

• $2.12 per ounce • NOTE: Do not use if you have severe liver disease or bile duct obstruction.
Boneset Herb

Boneset Herb (Eupatorium perfoliatum)

• $3.42 per ounce • NOTE: Do not use if you are taking blood thinners.

Borage (Borago officinalis)

• $2.98 per ounce
Buckthorn Bark

Buckthorn Bark (Rhamnus frangula)

• $2.52 per ounce • NOTE: Do not use buckthorn or any other laxative if you have appendicitis, Crohn's disease, or ulcerative colitis. Not recommended for children under 12 or while pregnant. Avoid long term use and discontinue in the event of diarrhea or watery stools.
Burdock Root

Burdock Root (Articum lappa)

• $1.96 per ounce
Butcher's Broom Root

Butcher's Broom Root (Ruscus aculeatus)

• $3.22 per ounce • NOTE: Causes vascular contractions, caution and those with high blood pressure have been historically advised not to take Butcher's Broom.
Calendula Flowers

Calendula Flowers (Calendula officinalis)

• $1.98 per ounce
California Poppy

California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)

• $3.48 per ounce
Cardamom Pods

Cardamom Pods (Elettaria cardamomum)

• $5.94 per ounce
Cardamom Seeds

Cardamom Seeds (Elettaria cardamomum)

• $5.27 per ounce
Cascara Segrada Bark

Cascara Segrada Bark (Rhamnus purshiana)

• $2.43 per ounce • NOTE: For occasional use only as it is a bulk-forming laxative and should be taken with lots of fluids. Do not use cascara segrada or any other laxative if you have appendicitis, Crohn's disease, or ulcerative colitis. Do not use if under 12 years of age or pregnant.
Cat's Claw Bark

Cat's Claw Bark (Unicaria tomentosa)

• $1.98 per ounce
Catnip Herb)

Catnip Herb (Nepeta cataria)

• $3.18 per ounce
Cayenne Powder 40m

Cayenne Powder 40m (Capsicum annuum)

• $1.16 per ounce
Celery Seed

Celery Seed (Apium graveolens)

• $1.52 per ounce
Centaury Herb

Centaury Herb (Centaurea erythraea)

• $3.06 per ounce

Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)

• $2.89 per ounce
Chaparral Leaf

Chaparral Leaf (Larrea tridentata)

• $2.09 per ounce
Chaste Tree Berry

Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex angus castus)

• $1.80 per ounce
Chia Seed

Chia Seed (Salvia hispanica)

• $2.73 per ounce
Chickweed Herb

Chickweed Herb (Stellaria media)

• $2.68 per ounce
Chicory Root, Roasted

Chicory Root, Roasted (Cichorium intubus)

• $1.69 per ounce • NOTE: Avoid excessive use if you have gallstones.
Chlorella Powder

Chlorella Powder (Chlorella pyrendoidosa)

• $5.93 per ounce

Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium)

• $4.28 per ounce
Cilantro Leaf

Cilantro Leaf (Coriandrum sativum)

• $1.71 per ounce
Cinnamon Chips

Cinnamon Chips (Cinnamonum cassia)

• $1.55 per ounce
Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Sticks (Cinnamonum cassia)

• $3.53 per ounce • NOTE: Do not use if pregnant.
Cleavers Herb

Cleavers Herb (Galium aparine)

• $3.12 per ounce
Cloves, whole

Cloves, whole (Syzygium aromaticum)

• $2.89 per ounce
Coltsfoot Leaf

Coltsfoot Leaf (Tussilago farfara)

• $3.28 per ounce • DO NOT BOIL.
Comfrey Leaf

Comfrey Leaf (Symphytum officinale)

• $2.26 per ounce
Comfrey Root

Comfrey Root (Symphytum officinale)

• $2.95 per ounce
Comfrey Root Powder

Comfrey Root Powder (Symphytum officinale)

• $2.95 per ounce
Copal Resin Tears

Copal Resin Tears (Bursera fagaroides)

• $2.32 per ounce

Cornsilk (Zea mays)

• $2.74 per ounce
Cramp Bark

Cramp Bark (Viburnum opulus)

• $5.75 per ounce
Damiana Leaf (Turnera diffusa)

Damiana Leaf (Turnera diffusa)

• $3.89 per ounce • NOTE: Avoid during pregnancy.
Dandelion Leaf (Taraxacum officinale)

Dandelion Leaf (Taraxacum officinale)

• $2.75 per ounce
Dandelion Root (Taraxacum officinale)

Dandelion Root (Taraxacum officinale)

• $3.38 per ounce
Dandelion Root, Rstd (Taraxacum officinale)

Dandelion Root, Rstd (Taraxacum officinale)

• $4.58 per ounce
Devil's Claw Root, Slices (Harpagophytum procumbens)

Devil's Claw Root, Slices (Harpagophytum procumbens)

• $3.58 per ounce • NOTE: Avoid during pregnancy.
Devil's Club Root Bark (Oplopanax horridus)

Devil's Club Root Bark (Oplopanax horridus)

• $4.28 per ounce
Dong Quai Root (Angelica sinensis)

Dong Quai Root (Angelica sinensis)

• $4.78 per ounce
Dong Quai Root, Slices (Angelica sinensis)

Dong Quai Root, Slices (Angelica sinensis)

• $4.88 per ounce
Dragon's Blood Chunks (Croton lechhleri)

Dragon's Blood Chunks (Croton lechhleri)

• $5.78 per ounce

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