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Smoothie Recipe
A quick, easy and delicious recipe that includes herbs such as Maca, Liver and Immune Enhancer, Milk Thistle, Flax Seed and more!

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Q: Are Herbs Safe?
Most whole herbs are very safe when used appropriately. Most herbs used by qualified herbalists have no adverse side effects. It is important that the consumer remain pro-active in their healthcare remain pro-active in their healthcare and read product labels carefully, ask questions and use good common sense.

Q: What Is An Herb?
Loosely defined, an herb is any plant or plant part used for its therapeutic value (medicinal value). So it follows that herbal medicine uses herbs to prevent and/or treat illness. Put more simply – To Promote Health.

Q: What Does An Herbalist Do?
Herbalist come from a number of different backgrounds. Clinical (Chinese, Western, Ayurvedic, Native American, Naturopathic…), Folkloric, Wise Women, Earth Centered and others.

What this means is some have formal education, some have traditional or folkloric backgrounds, some have been trained as apprentices and so forth. Because of this variation, it is the job of the consumer to ask for their background and experience before choosing the right herbalist.

The primary goal of any good herbalist is to treat the patient as an individual no matter what their disease, to treat “the whole person”. A good herbalist will use not only herbs but diet and lifestyle as well.

A qualified herbalist realizes that herbal healing is both an art and a science. An herb or herbal formulation that works wonderfully for one person may not be the best choice for the next. Consequently, a successful treatment is created specifically to the patient.


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