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Smoothie Recipe
A quick, easy and delicious recipe that includes herbs such as Maca, Liver and Immune Enhancer, Milk Thistle, Flax Seed and more!

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Herbal Products Available in the New SW Herb Online Store
Capsules - Herbal Blends
Capsules - Individual Herbs
Herbal Extracts - Herbal Blends
Herbal Extracts - Individual Herbs
SW Herb Teas - Premade
SW Herb Teas - Blends
Herbal Kits not yet available online - contact us to purchase.

Bulk Herbs - click here to visit our online store! 
All our herbs are either wildcrafted or organically grown, and ethically harvested.
We strive to purchase sustainable herbs, wherever possible.
When ordering 1 lb., there has already been a 30% discount applied to your price.

Bulk Herbs - Teas
We carry a selection of loose leaf, bulk tea for you, too!

Product Image Item Name
Chai Tea

Chai Tea

• $1.88 per ounce • Flu relief • May help lower cholesterol and blood pressure • A stimulant - contains caffeine Contains: Chinese black tea,...
Chumee Organic Fair Trade Green Tea

Chunmee Organic Fair Trade Green Tea

• $3.98 per ounce • Traditionally used for: Cancer-fighting potential, heart disease, lowering cholesterol...
Darjeeling (Camellia sinesis)

Darjeeling (Camellia sinesis)

• $1.59 per ounce • The "champagne of black teas"...
Earl Grey

Earl Grey

• $1.29 per ounce • Infused with bergamot • May help boost mood and improve digestion • Contains fluoride
English Breakfast Blend

English Breakfast Blend

• $1.29 per ounce • Helps reduce anxiety and boosts relaxation • May help reduce blood vessel constriction after fatty meals • Blended for milk and sugar, contains caffeine.
Chai Green Tea, Organic

Green Chai Tea Organic

• $2.25 per ounce • Helps induce a calm, yet alert, state of mind • Antioxidative properties Contains: Organic green tea, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom,...
Jasmine (Camellia sinesis)

Jasmine (Camellia sinesis)

• $1.49 per ounce • A combination of green tea and jasmine blossoms • Aids in weight loss, increases energy • Combats inflammation, lessens...
Rooibos (Bursera fagaroides)

Rooibos (Bursera fagaroides)

• $1.20 per ounce • An all-day drinking tea free of additives, preservatives, or colorants • Low in tannins and should not disrupt intake of...
Rooibos Chai, Organic

Rooibos Chai, Organic

• $1.99 per ounce • Antioxidant, low in tannin • May help lower blood pressure and cholesterol • Works great with yerba mate for morning...

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