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Smoothie Recipe
A quick, easy and delicious recipe that includes herbs such as Maca, Liver and Immune Enhancer, Milk Thistle, Flax Seed and more!

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Wellness Tips

Wellness is really about changing your life in many different ways in order to obtain and maintain optimal physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health. It is very easy to begin to make significant changes in your lifestyle by taking steps towards wellness.

Here are some tips to inspire you to continue to move forward in your new, healthy life:

• There is great power in making a decision to live a wellness lifestyle. When you make a commitment to yourself and share that choice with others in your life, you are energized and empowered to take care of yourself and your family in a way that will allow you to live to your highest potential. You can live your best life and help your family to do the same.

• They say knowledge is power and when that knowledge is accompanied by understanding, you can take control of your health and your choices in life. There are many wonderful sources of quality information about wellness as a lifestyle and it is important to educate yourself about different ways to incorporate the journey of wellness into your life. As you become more aware of how your choices affect your health, you can make the choices that encourage and empower you rather than the choices that steal your energy and joy.

• Another area where knowledge is key is knowing your own body and how it functions when it is at its best and when it is not. By educating yourself in how the different organs and systems work, you can make more informed choices in your healthcare and in your lifestyle of wellness.

• Eat good, wholesome foods that nourish your body and help you to feel and function at your best. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Drink plenty of water. Limit your red meat and add omega -3 fatty acids to your diet. Eliminate as much processed foods and ingredients as you can. By eating nutritiously, you will increase and maintain your wellness and health.

• Exercise is very important to your ultimate health and wellness. Your muscles and your bones will benefit from weight bearing exercise and your circulatory system and your body's organs will benefit from aerobic exercise as well. One of the greatest perks from regular exercise is the "feel good" endorphins that your brain releases during and after physical activity. By finding types of exercise you enjoy and finding a "work-out" buddy, you can make your exercise routine an enjoyable part of your healthier lifestyle.

• Relax! Your life is quite likely very busy and as you juggle your job, your home and your family, it can be all too easy to neglect the importance of relaxation. Relaxing and taking deep, slow, measured breaths can calm your mind, your body and your emotions. Relaxation should never be put off until vacation time, or even until just on the weekends. Build in little mini-time-outs into your day and allow yourself 10 to 20 minutes everyday to relax and breathe. Every area of your life will benefit from this single addition to your daily routine.

Wellness is a lifestyle, not just a trendy buzz word. By following these tips, you can begin to
make changes in your daily routines that can give you a happier, healthier future with endless opportunities.

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