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Smoothie Recipe
A quick, easy and delicious recipe that includes herbs such as Maca, Liver and Immune Enhancer, Milk Thistle, Flax Seed and more!

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What people are saying after attending a FREE Seminar:

Very inspiring! I loved it!
~ Rebecca, Gilbert

This seminar was incredible. Thank you Kathy.
~ Katharina, Mesa

Great information ~ Everyone needs to become aware of this alternative.
~ Melissa, Chandler

This is great, been looking for something like this for years. Thank you so
much for your honesty & information and for bringing this information to
~ Melissa, Mesa

Brilliant. I absolutely loved this. Kathy, you were GREAT! I heard about
these seminars from a number of friends and am so glad I came. Thank you.
~ Debbie, Mesa

Wow Kathy your humor and stories are so great. Keep doing what you're
~ Linda, Mesa

I am glad that you have decided to share what you know with the community. I
wish you talked longer. I would love to get involved!! Send me anything!
~ Yvette, Mesa

I enjoyed your Herbal Certification Course very much. (It took me long enough to get there.) Having come from pharmaceutical sales and realizing there had to be something better, your course hit the mark. The knowledge you shared empowered me to take charge of my family's health (and life). Your stories and antidotes really kept the class moving and interesting. The introduction to herbal healing (and living) that I got from your Certification Course has intrigued me beyond imagination. I cannot get enough!

Thanks for much for sharing your heart and your knowledge.

Kathy Hubbard, Herbalist
Magnolia Herb Company

I am one of those lucky people who seldom gets ill at all. My interests in herbal applications had more to do with maintainng good health than for any other reason, and I was eager to learn. I was so thrilled to find Kathy Gould's programs available to me! I have taken many of her courses, and love her practical common sense approach to teaching and herbal use. Through her teachings, I learned much about healing as well as maintenance of health, and the relationships between the gifts of the plants and the needs of the human body. Most of all, I thank her for helping me to recognize and abide the subtle advice from the wise woman within.

Sally Lieb

Hello, my name is Nysie Watson. I am a cancer survivor! Being raised up in the 1960's, I was aware of herbal medicines, but never really had reason to use them. Until the day cancer was detected in my lymph nodes. I was 41 years old.

I had a battle ahead of me. I had been mis-diagnosed for 4 months. So time was of the essence. I had choices to make and not much time to ponder them. I had the cancerous lymph node removed and started chemotherapy. But I felt an imbalance with this decision. I went in desperate search for earth medicine. I found Essiac. I started juicing along with some other lifestyle changes. Long story short, I kicked the heck out of cancer.

But I was feeling empty and detached. My soul was still crying. I meditated on this and wondered Why the empty sadness? It was then my husband showed me an article in our local paper. Herbal classes were about to start to become a certified herbalist, taught by Kathleen Gould.

I'll never forget walking into that classroom the first time. I had an early morning appointment that same day to have my chemo port removed. I arrived in time for class a little shaky with blood on the front of my blouse. My face still distorted from all the prednizone that I had to do along with the chemo. There were apprentices in the classroom, but it was Kathleen who appeared at my side. She had an apprentice bring me hot tea. I knew I was where I should be. I knew I was on a path of enlightenment. The darkness of the illness started to fade away.

I realize now that I had to walk the path I had walked to get to the life journey that was laid before me. With each herbal class I could see more clearly. To work with the herbs was a magical experience for me. I lived and breathed herbalism.

When the class was finished and I received my certification I felt the soul sadness again. I immediately went and added my name to the list of pupils that wished to apprentice for The Herb Corner and Learning Center that Kathleen was proud owner of at that time. I apprenticed for three years. I was also lucky enough to teach some classes later on with Kathy. I now have a small herbal business. I have written herbal articles for our local paper for four and a half years. My column was called Herbs Eye View.

This is my herbal story. I still walk my herbal path, I sing to the life giving plants and thank the goddess for that article my husband came across ten years ago.

Herbally Yours,
Nysie Watson

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